Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Mother Luck Smiles At Ugly Betty

Snippet 2

Back in the house, Betty got a phone call from Meade to say that she had got a job working for Mode, the fashion magazine, as assistant editor-in-chief. Betty was surprised and excited at the same time because she never expected this, not after the way she was treated by the Interviewer. Justin told Betty that she needed to dress fashionably and asked if she had something that she could wear for her first day at work. She said she did.

Betty arrived for work the following morning in a grand style looking like a telenovela star dressed in a large red very unfashionable cloak with ‘Guadalajara' splashed in yellow across the front of it.

The receptionist, Amanda’s first words on sighting her were: ‘Oh my God! She greeted her and asked for her reason of being there. Amanda was surprised and at the same time angry that Betty had been given a position she had been eyeing.

She led Betty to the door of the conference room where Daniel was in a meeting with Mode's staff. (Amanda, So much for cat-walking!)

Betty took a few seconds to prepare herself to join the meeting. She encouraged herself with a few words;"You are a beautiful, smart and intelligent business woman" and walked confidently supposedly into the meeting but, oop! She walked straight into the large glass door, causing confusion in the meeting.

Betty quick gathered herself together and entered, Daniel asked if she was ok, she was embarrassed and quickly made her way to the corner of the room (all eyes were on her), where the other assistants were seated.

Daniel continued addressing the staff when, Wilhelmina Slater (remember? The Creative Director who had the ambition of being the Editor of Mode?) arrived the meeting late and sarcastically commented that Daniel had started the meeting without her. She told Marc, her assistant to give Daniel the gift she got for him – the name "Danny" was engraved on it. Daniel corrected her that it’s Daniel not Danny but she brushed this off and she took over the meeting, talking about the Fabia cosmetics supplement for Mode magazine. She explained that as the editor had changed, Fabia needed to agree to the supplement before it could be printed. Wilhelmina went on to say that everyone was there to help Daniel succeed, and she promptly wrapped up the meeting and told all present to get on to their tasks.

(Daniel realized at that moment that he had a formidable enemy in Wilhelmina Slayer, oops! Slater)

Betty went to introduce herself to Daniel and he asked who exactly she worked for. He was unimpressed to learn that she was his new assistant.
In Wilhelmina's office, Marc was injecting Botox (age reducing beauty injection) into her face while she lamented that after all she had put into the magazine, Bradford gave a job that should have been hers to his son, Daniel, who knew next to nothing about fashion.

Her gossipy assistant, Marc, added that his new assistant who didn’t fit into Mode will soon be his downfall.

Wilhelmina got a phone call and she waved Marc away. From her conversation, the person with whom she was speaking was in a hospital recovering, this made Marc (who hanged around to listen in) suspicious.

Betty was at her desk gathering information about Fabia for Daniel. Amanda (another gossipy act) came to gossip about the photographer, Philip that was in Daniel’s office. She told Betty that Daniel once slept with Philip’s girlfriend. (ouch!)

Meanwhile, Daniel was confiding in Philip. He told him that he knew he wasn’t welcome as Mode's new editor and that he felt Wilhelmina was trying to sabotage him on the Fabia account with the design layout.

(Is someone with me? How could Daniel be so daft as to think that Philip could be his confidant at this crucial time after sleeping with his girlfriend? Someone correct me.)

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