Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Plot To frustrate Ugly Betty

Snippet 3

Philip then told him (Daniel) to keep his ideas away from other staff as they were all loyal to Wilhelmina. Betty interrupted their conversation, and asked it she could get him lunch to which Daniel said no, and that she should go ahead. She then told Philip that she was a big fan, but inadvertently accused him of stealing another photographer’s idea. Philip denied it and Betty, embarrassed left quickly. (Loud mouth Betty!)

Philip asked Daniel if ‘this’ (Ugly Betty) was who he wanted to represent him. Daniel told him it was his father that hired Betty and that he could not fire her. Philip said she was too ugly to be working at fashion magazine and suggested that if she could not be fired, they could get her to quit.

At the Cafeteria, while Betty walked through the lunch area looking for a table, all the staff looked at her with contempt. Even Amanda, as Betty approached, deliberately placed her bag on an empty stool beside her because she didn’t want Betty to sit by her and lower her fashion class. (ooh, vain, vain Amanda).

She finally found an empty stool and as soon as she sat down, Christina, the Scottish in-house seamstress who was also dressed differently from the fashion enthusiast around them, joined her and introduced herself. Nancy and Zelda, who were also not part of the fashion elite, joined them. Christina did the introductions and they both welcomed Betty warmly.

(This was the first time anybody was been nice to her)

Daniel’s father, Bradford Meade was sitting on a park bench feeding pigeons when another man joined him. He told Bradford that ‘she was gone’.

(Want to take a guess at who this could be?)

He reminded Bradford that he attended her funeral but Bradford wasn’t sure if she was really gone, he had the feeling she was not dead. He told the man to double and triple-check what Fey Sommers knew about him, and his company.

Back in Daniel’s office, he began hatching his plans on frustrating Betty into quitting.

First of all, he asked her to pick the cabbage out of his coleslaw. (Can you imagine that? What is coleslaw without cabbage?)

Secondly, he called her at 3.23 am in the morning disrupting her sleep.

Then, he sent Betty to get him and Philip coffee from a coffee shop on the street while they waited for her, that done, he handed the leash of great Dane for her to walk on the street! Poor Betty, the dog was so out-of-control and was pulling her along, making her run all over the street.

Later, Daniel had the affront to tell his assistant, (or slave? That’s exactly how he’s been treating her) Betty, to remove chewing gum for the sole of his shoe while he walked the length and breath of his office discussing the Fabia supplement with Philip. (the evil genius)

The official hours ended and he still would not let Betty go home. He had her sit outside, in front of his house while he was with Amanda in his bedroom. Hilda called her to inform her that she was missing their father’s birthday party and Betty told her that she forgot because she was still working. At that moment, a young woman got out of a cab and Betty quickly ended her call and called Daniel to tell him that ‘the red turkey was on the move’.

Daniel answered her call while still on his bed in his boxes with Amanda in her briefs, he told her the call was ‘work stuff’ and that she had to leave. Amanda asked him when the assistant position would be open and he said very soon. She then put on her coat and left.

Meanwhile his call was still on and Betty asked if he needed anything else (she wanted to leave desperately) but he said ‘why don’t you stick around a little bit to make sure everything is okay’ and she said ‘no problem’. She watched her through the large glass window and for a moment felt sorry for her but unfortunately, the ‘red turkey’ came in just then and showed Daniel what she had under her coat and that distracted him.

Betty got home late that night, and as she walked by Gina's house, she heard Gina and Walter’s voices, they were making out and she could see their shadow through the window. (What a day? Poor Betty!)

Inside the Suarez home, it was all quite, the party was over and Hilda was clearing-up. She told Betty that their father was already asleep and made her realize that, that was the first time since their mum passed away that they hadn’t been together on his birthday.


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