Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ugly Betty: Stand-in Model

Snippet 4

Ugly Betty was really sorry, and Hilda said she hoped that Betty's job was really worth it. Betty slumped on the sofa tired.

(I wonder what must be going on in her mind right now. Guilt? Confusion? You know, when you are finally living your dream and it’s beginning to affect your family, it’s not a situation you want to be caught in)

She then happened to look in the direction of a picture of her mother and herself as a child. An idea stuck her mind and she quickly brought out her notepad and pen and wrote on it ‘Work Idea.’

The next morning, Betty and Daniel were walking though Mode’s corridor on their way out to a photo shoot and Daniel was talking on the phone, Betty tried to keep up with him and in the process dropped the files she was carrying. Inside the lift, Betty tried to strike up a conversation with her boss but he ignored her. She was looking for a way to show him the idea she had written down on the Fabia Cosmetics but he just walked out of the lift without acknowledging her.

They got to the streets and Betty attempted to once again present her idea but as he got to his ride he told her to go back into the building and get an outfit they forgot.

(Jerk! Why didn’t he say this while they were still in the building? He’s trying to frustrate her to quit, remember?)

Betty went to Christina’s office (the wardrobe for all Modes’ outfits) and was looking at a dress when Christina joined her. She asked Betty how her job was going and although Betty tried to cover-up, Christina noticed. Betty opened up on how Daniel had been treating her and how he wouldn’t even listen to an idea she had about the Fabia Cosmetics.

Christina had to let Betty in on the reason why she was hired. She told her that it was Bradford, Daniel’s father that hired her. The reason being that he wanted someone his son will not be tempted to sleep with because he didn’t want him to be sleeping with his assistants anymore.

(Remember, his father caught him with his assistant and he is currently sleeping with Amanda, the Receptionist)

As hard as that was for Betty to swallow, she tried looking at the positive side of it, and said she was at least grateful for getting her break-through by getting that job and that maybe that was the way it was supposed to happen for her. She then left quickly with the outfit, leaving behind the folder that contained her idea. Christina felt sorry for her. (Me too.)

When she left, Christina picked up the folder and saw that it was ‘standby’ idea for Fabia Cosmetics.

At the Photo Shoot, the set was like that of an accident scene – with three of four cars in an accident-like set-up with fire (fake) burning in the background and models lying about with blood-like substance here and there.

Amanda, Daniel’s current fling, showed up and told him she stopped by in case he needed anything.

There was one problem though, one of the models failed to show up and Philip was looking for a stand-in. Just as he was relating this to Daniel, Betty showed up staring at the whole set-up wide-eyed. Philip sighted Betty and told Daniel to ask Betty to be the stand-in. His rationale being that, she was unlikely to consent to it and this could be their opportunity of making ugly Betty quit.

Betty helped herself to a piece of donut, took a bite only to spit it out when Daniel approached her. He told her he was glad to see her and explained the situation to her and that he wanted her to help them by standing-in. Betty looked at what the models were wearing and asked Daniel if that was what he wanted her to do. He said yes and Betty, with a mixture of anger, resentment & frustration showing on her face, walked away. Daniel watched her go (looking disappointed) and thought he had finally gotten rid of her.

(Oh! How mistaken you are Danny?)

He went to Philip to tell that she had finally quit, only for Philip to look up and his face expressed surprise. Even Amanda’s face showed “I can’t believe it” look and the other models around were amused (at this fat model). Daniel couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Betty emerge in the costume (Picture a plump girl of medium height, in a tight red high necked, sleeveless mini-top, opened in the front to reveal cleavage and black leather hot pant, with thigh high silver boots and elbow length red gloves). She summoned courage and walked-up (self-consciously) to Philip, the photographer, and asked him where he wanted her.

Daniel looked uncomfortable seeing Betty in the outfit.
Philip placed Betty in between two tall, thin models and started shooting. He told the girls to give him sexy poses and Betty tried to imitate them but looked ridiculous and all that resulted in hysteric laughter from all around her. Daniel was looking upset watching Betty humiliated before him. He walked over to Philip and asked him to stop.

Betty was close to tears. She just walked out, straight into the streets, still wearing the costume. Daniel, feeling guilty, went after her and asked her to wait.

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