Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ugly Betty Opened Door of Double Disappointment

Tosin continues the serial review: Snippet 1

In the first scene of this telenovela, Betty Suarez was sitting in the lobby of the Meade building waiting to be interviewed. She was nervous and expressed it with the movement of her mouth in different directions. She then smiled at someone, showing us her wired teeth and made space to accommodate a lady who was a model, dressed in a cloak.

She tried having a conversation with the lady by telling her that she liked her “Poncho” (cloak), and that her father got one for her from Guadalajara. The model looked at her in a belittling way and said huh, Milan (Italy), Gucci.

Just then the Interviewer, who was descending the staircase behind where Betty was seated while she was taking to the model, called out her name. Betty turned on the seat, smiled and said Hi, but the Interviewer looked disappointed on sighting her. She quickly got up and told him she had a hard copy of her resume if he needed it and if she should follow him. The Interviewer, while still mesmerized by her looks said there had been a mistake and that all entry positions were filled, that he was sorry (mockingly).

Betty absorbed the shock for a few seconds. This was not the first time this happened to her and she knew he was lying (obviously). She quickly recovered and went after him trying to persuade him to change his mind. She told him about how working in the fashion industry had been her dream as a young girl and that Mode was a good to start her career. But, he took her by the hand and led her down the stairs but she followed him again on his way up and even stumbled in the process. She also told him she that she had tons of ideas, etc. This (mean, mean) guy got to the top of the stairs, said goodbye and shut the doors against her.

(I felt for her at this early stage – it was like the door of her dreams had been shut against her).
Unknown to both of them, Bradford Meade was watching the whole scenario from the floor above.

In the next scene, a television screen was showing a telenovela scene in the Suarez house. Justin, a boy of about 10 (Betty’s nephew), was standing before the television complaining that he hated telenovelas and that he wanted to watch fashion TV.

Hilda, his mother, seated at the Dinning Table with her father, told him that he could watch fashion TV when his aunt Betty was baby-watching him. She told him to come and eat something which he declined with the excuse that he was going to get fat but his mother said he was a boy and that it doesn’t matter if he got fat or not.

(Justin is obviously a fashion freak or elf? Whatever?)

Hilda then asked Betty if she ordered their father’s birthday cake, and Betty replied that she had ordered the same as the one they had last year. Betty joined them at the Table and her father asked Betty how the interview went. She tried covering up by saying it was really good, and that they were impressed but Hilda wasn't fooled.

Her father was infuriated because she was smart, intelligent and qualified, that they should have begged her to work for them. He did not just understand the reason why his daughter was been treated this way. Hilda, in her own way of helping out asked Betty if she had thought of exploring other options and Betty said she was not going to sell Herbalux, which was what Hilda markets for a living. Betty's father had to come in before an argument ensued and told Hilda that this was Betty’s dream job and she should be allowed to pursue it.

Hilda then said she was not the only one with dreams and she asked Justin to tell them what he overheard. Justin told them he overheard Betty's boyfriend on the phone telling someone that "she's the one." The family assumed that he was going to ask Betty to marry him. While Betty was still reeling in shock by this exciting news, the door bell rang. It was Betty’s boyfriend. He came in and was greeted with excitement, as he took Betty outside to talk.

Justin tuned the TV from the telenovela to fashion TV, which was airing the news that Fey Sommers, the Editor of Mode Magazine, had died and that Daniel Meade, Bradford's son, had been named Editor rather than the more experienced Creative Director, Wilhelmina Slater.

Back to the Meade building, and floor which the offices of Mode Magazine occupied. Daniel was seated behind his desk, in a relaxed mood and was startled when his father walked into his office. His father asked him if he liked his new office to which he answered nervously that he (his father) scared him and that he should give a few minutes to get himself together.

Bradford then found a lady’s underwear (just as he suspected that his son’s nervousness meant something) in a flower arrangement on Daniel’s desk, which prompted the lady under Daniel’s desk to emerge from hiding. Daniel introduced her to his father as his Assistant. Bradford obviously not pleased, told Daniel that, that was not the way to run a magazine.

Back to Walter and Betty, he told her he was in love with Gina, a neighbour who lived just 2 houses away from the Suarez! Betty couldn’t understand how the only person who she thought was totally into her was quitting on her.

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