Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ESM Snippet 12: The Hurting Love

Rodolfo was full of fury when he saw his daughter-in-law-to-be, in great pains due to the injury she sustained while horse-riding. While Rodolfo blamed Adrián (picture right), for the accident, Graciela staunchly defended Adrián, telling him not to blame Adrián.

Blanca was in a meditative mood, occasioned by her memorable encounter with Esmeralda in church. She suspected that the young lady resembled her so much. Meanwhile, Esmeralda was by her favorite waterfall where her best friend, Florecita was telling her about the ankle injury of Graciela and her forthcoming birthday cum engagement ceremony.

José Armando went to meet Adrián in Dionisio's quarters, to invite him to come and play as musician to mark Graciela's birthday and engagement ceremony. He was surprised to see Esmeralda happily chatting away with Florecita in Dionisio's house. Esmeralda was disappointed and sad to know that this fellow who gave her, her first kiss, is getting engaged to his city girlfriend.

Lucio too was weeping because he just learnt that José Armando was iterested in Esmeralda and he knew he does not have the money to match him, in the contest for Esmeralda's love. Rodolfo was worried by the nonchalant attitude of his 'son' towards his forthcoming engagement to Graciela.

As Adrián began to sing unto Graciela by her bedroom's window, she was emotionally stirred with his romantic songs, until José Armando appeared suddenly from the blues.


Anonymous said...

esmiralda is a very nice soap makes me more relax when teaches d true meaning of love,d barriers and d courage 2 stay in love

dus said...

its nice and fun.esmiralda act is perfect