Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ESM Snippet 14: Same Day, Same Earrings!

The jigsaw pieces of Esmeralda's destiny began to fall gradually into place. After José Armando left she questioned Dominga again about the double coincidence of being born on the same day with José Armando. Dominga affirmed the verity of her claim to her.

Esmeralda was inclined to turned down the invitation of José Armando to the birthday carnival of Graciela. She was afraid of the irresistible love magnet that always pull and put them in each other's arms anytime they were together.

José Armando got home and told Blanca that he has fallen in love with the blind Esmeralda lady. Blanca reminded him of this matrimonial commitment to Graciela. He explained to her that his feeling for Esmeralda was genuinely real, true and stronger than anything he had ever felt for Graciela.

As the birthday carnival started, all the damsels in the village prepared a traditional procession in honor of Graciela. Esmeralda, ably assisted by her best friend, Florecita, and supported by old Melesio, was most prominent in the ladies' procession. Lucio was most angry and frustrated, that his threat to Dominga, to separate Esmeralda from Armando and his family had fallen on deaf ears. He was depressed to know that Esmeralda was actively involved in the ladies carnival for Graciela.

Fátima, Graciela's mother, was the first to notice Esmeralda in the girl's procession. She alerted Blanca that the usurper had come again. Crisanta was mandated to go and dismiss Esmeralda from the carnival. On getting there, she was stunned to see the controversial emerald earrings that she gave in exchange to Dominga 23 years ago on Esmeralda's ears. The same earrings!!!

Adrián and Graciela were having the fun of their lives at the carnival.

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