Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ESM Snippet 11: Learning To Love

Blanca too was enraptured by the angelic beauty of Esmeralda. During the candle-lighting session in church, she practically ran to help blind Esmeralda, her unknown daughter, to light her candle.

Graciela (picture, right) began her journey to re-define her love life, as she took lessons of how to mount and ride horses from her tutor-turned-lover, Adrián. She was emotionally unsettled by the adorably penetrating stare of Adrián. He began to showcase his singing talents to the admiration of Graciela. His songs triggered romantic memories in her, of Adrián's warm embrace earlier in the day.

Lucio sent Juana on errand to threaten Dominga never to tell Esmeralda that his face was disfigured or anything about his past. Despite Lucio's tricks to prevent Esmeralda from wearing the emerald earrings, given her by Dominga, to the church, he failed to convince her. That earring caused no small stir at the church.

Crisanta, Jacinta and even Blanca later saw it and it provoke questions that she could never answer, because she (Esmeralda), did not know what significance that the earring carry for her destiny. Even José Armando delibrately disappeared from the midst of his family in the church to trail Esmeralda, in order to know where she lives.

On their way back from the horse riding lesson, Adrián, while carrying Graciela to mount the horse, kissed her. It was a tingling experience in true love for her, she liked it, but pretended anger and slapped him. Immediately, the horse threw her off its back and she fell injuringt her ankle. Adrián had to tenderly carry her back to Casa Grande.

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