Monday, December 11, 2006

Snippets 144

The latest illness of Don Fernando has been like a blessing in disguise. All the secrets that everybody around him had been hiding from him, are being gradually revealed to him. None of them knew that Don, in his unconscious state, was hearing and listening to all their discussions.

Vanessa moved close to Don's bedside and said to the sleeping figure of Don: "... Please recover quickly and know the truth and embrace your granddaughter Luisa Fernanda". Vanessa also took decision to visit L.F and reveal all the truth to her. Rigo backed up her desire and plan.

Jennifer and Alfredo suffer from the same sickness of obsession. When Xochil came home and told Alfredo of the new prospect of being showcased in a career limelight by Guillermo, he was hot with jealousy. Like Jenny, he is obsessed with the 'bird' flying in the forest, while not wanting the 'bird' at his hand the freedom of a romantic flight.

Carlos heeded the warning of Lupe, he decided to break into L.A's office alone. Caesar was too loyal to Carlos to allow him to go alone, he went with his pally for the burglary adventure. Clarita suspected that the absence of Caesar from the house may not be unconnected with the planned burglary, so, she went to alert Marissa, who was mending fences with Luisa Fernanda. The three of them rushed to Reuben's office in Marissa's car.

It was walking into a trap with a wide-opened eyes. L.A who had gotten a tip off from Alicia about the suspicious movements of Caesar was able to put 2 and 2 together to arrive at 4. He knew that, being an loyal ally of Carlos must have being acting in concert with Carlos Eduardo, his mortal enemy. So he set a trap waiting for their arrival.

While collecting the documents, the security men and L.A appeared and caught Carlos 'red-handed'. They called the police to arrest them for theft and burglary. They were locked up in police cell for attempted burglary and attempted robbery. By the time L.F and Marissa, in company of pregnant Clarita arrived, it was too late, for they were already caught.

Meanwhile, Vanessa arrived to argue with Pedro that she had come to tell L.F the whole truth and nothing, including Pedro shall deter her. While they were talking, Alfredo arrived, only to learn that L.F has gone to Carlos house. He was mad with jealousy to learn that L.F is still following after Carlos, despite having told her that he has resumed work and ready to renew his romance with her.

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