Monday, December 11, 2006

Snippets 149: The Truth Revealed!

Consuelo was more consumed by her impending and inevitable disgrace. So she was the only one among the guests, who was not happy and did not greet nor wished the newest couple in town (Vanessa and her hubby), a happy married life.

Xochil told Alfredo to forget completely and break off from L.F. As the two of them appeared at the wedding reception, holding each other affectionately, Carlos and concluded that these twosome are definitely in love with each other..

Consuelo was at the tail end of her ignoble acts. She called Pedro aside, during the reception and told him that she was sorry for maltreating L.F and regretted her past evil deeds, that was why, she claimed, she sent L.A to give him the Will of Don Fernando to pass to L.F. they both embraced as a sign of forgiveness and reconciliation.

L.F was stunned as she stumbled on them embracing each other. How could her father be embracing an unrepentant enemy of the family that almost threw them out of their own house, unto the streets without a roof over their head? Consuela lied to L.F telling her that Pedro was condoling her on the loss of her husband, Heriberto. L.F did not spare her. She 'washed' Consuelo to the ground with her acidic tongue.

Every effort by L.F to announce her impeding marriage with Carlos, to Alfredo during the reception was frustrated by Alfredo as he avoided her like a plague. He already suspected that was coming, but like every coward, he did not have the heart to receive such 'bad news' in public glare.

Pedro was petrified by the fact that L.F would soon discover that he hid the truth of Don Fernando's paternity from her, and may react by rejecting him henceforth as her 'father'. Pedro told Marissa that he was afraid of telling L.F a late truth now.

Tormented Jenny was no longer enthusiastic about the vacation trip proposed by Guillermo. She was haunted by Carlos Eduardo's definitive declaration that nothing would stop him from marrying L.F now. Guillermo's assistant Navy, warned him to dig into the past of Jenny and not rush into a relationship with her because of her emotional instability. Ordonez came to the rescue by telling Guillermo that Jenny was obsessed with Carlos, but Carlos is in love with L.F and not Jenny.

Guillermo received a business information that automatically canceled his proposed vacation trip Jenny.

Don told Rigo what Consuelo told him about her dead granddaughter. Rigo screamed that it was a lie. She assured Don that she would go and bring his daughter right away. She rushed to the L.F's house to tell her the long-overdue truth that her biological grandfather was Don Fernando Alcantara who was Amelia's father.


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