Monday, December 11, 2006

Snippets 145

The wicked thrives, L.A rejoices as Marissa's pleas fell on deaf ears of the police. What an irony for Carlos to meet Leopoldo as cell mates in the prison. Reuben was surprised and... depressed to learn that L.A, his bosom and childhood friend, set up a trap to implicate and imprison his son Caesar as Carlos Eduardo's accomplice in the burglary of his office.

Alfredo was still sulking about being 'gamed' by L.F when he got home, only to see that all news on TV was about Carlos, an heir to a banking empire caught in burglary and attempted robbery. L.A made sure it was widely circulated scandalous news in all media. He also saw L.F in the video clips of the news report. Alfredo went wild with rage. He rushed back to Pedro's house to tell him that L.F has renege on her promise of renewed relationship with him, as, she was part of entourage that escorted Carlos to the prison.

Rosario se3nt Jenny out of the house because she was rude to her, when she visited to ask about Carlos.

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