Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snippets 121

Carlos Eduardo, Mujica and other lawyers sought ways to deflate L.A's balloon of blackmail by suggestive moves to get Andreina to testify against him, over his attempted murder of Marissa Gomez. Carlos also suggested that the buried case of attempted homicide, when L.A pointed a gun at him should be unearthed.

Xochil indicted Alfredo for lowering his self-esteem by begging and blackmailing L.F to escort him to La Paz.

When Armando questioned the dirty method of blackmail that his father, L.A was using in order to make Marissa come back to him, L.A told Armando that he was as much his accomplice, in the crime. He turned around to blackmail his son too, instructing him that he should help him to persuade L.F to accept him as her father, otherwise, he would sink Armando.

Carlos reassured Vanessa that he would save her father's life. Consuelo's anxiety heightened and worsened when Heriberto was speaking with Don, she thought that Heriberto would expose all their joint evil deeds to Don.

Consuelo was not comfortable with Vanessa staying over the night by Heriberto's bedside. She was afraid that Heriberto may reveal all of their joint evil deals to her, so she urged Vanessa to go home to sleep, while she (Consuelo) would stay with him all night. Later in the night, Heriberto pleaded with Consuelo to take good care of his daughter for him, if he dies. She promised and assured him that she would take care of her like as if she were her own daughter.

Joaquina announced that the Convent had transferred her to Africa for missionary work there.

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