Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm Following My Love

The cupid warfare has shifted grounds to La Paz. Carlos managed to 'convince' his mom to begin immediately her physiotherapy there too. The only one missing in action in the La Paz battleground was Jennifer de la 'Fighter'. Don't worry, for she would soon divert the entire crew of the advertising agency (Guillermo is already a toy in her hands), from Vera Cruz to La Paz, she is not about throwing in the towel, as many may have thought three days ago.

L.F bumped into Carlos at bar on the ship, and was pleasantly surprised to see him there. When she enquired what brought him on board, he joyfully told her that, he was following his love. She was anxious that he would not provoke another round of jealous fits from Alfredo. He took her by hand and led her to where Marissa was sitting to show that his mom is his covert basis for the La Paz trip.

When Alfredo discovered that Carlos was on board with his mom, and that L.F had disappeared for sometime before then, he smartly concluded that she had been seeing and colluding with Carlos. His countenance changed, signaling the outbreak of emotional warfare in la paz. Carlos and L.F would surely win that battle this time.

Another noteworthy drama was the insanity of Alfredo that almost cost him his life. He forced a tired and dizzy Xochil to roll his wheelchair out of the cabin to search for L.F who had temporarily disappeared into thin air with Carlos. In the course of that dangerous adventure, Xochil lost her balance and consciousness, leaving Alfredo and his wheelchair freely rolling towards the sea. He would have cheaply tumbled over, into the sea and drowned but for the timely rescue by the stewards.

It was Russell O' Russell who commented on this blog yesterday with a profound quote that "Love is hot, when it doesn't belong to you, and all you could do, is let it go, but if you insist on holding on, be prepared to have your palms burnt up for life".

Alfredo is playing with a fire that may ultimately consume him. Further readings could be found at either episode 130 and 131 or the sitemap for the full story of gardener's daughter.


Anonymous said...

The stewards should have allowed Alfredo to sink and die! What kind of a man is he? Why play with fire when you are burnt in it already?I want to know how Alfredo will feel, marrying a woman who doesnt love him.He is just GROUCHIE FOOL!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Fabian" is looking very fat nd doesnt look so fine with the blonde hair nd no moustache. The whole Alfredo thing is really
boring and vanessa should have told consuelo some home truths yesterday.She(consuelo) had done her worst already.

Anonymous said...

I was thrilled to see 'Fabian' yesterday. I was one of his fans in 'When you are mine'. I didn't like the evil things he did but he was one hell of a genius in that movie, beat the crap out of Diego who was always irrational in his thinking. I can't say I quite like the part he is playing here. I hate to see him entangled with the likes of Jenny. What am I saying, he's only playing a character.
Alfredo?! | couldn't wait to see the expression on his face yesterday when he realized that Carlos was also on his way to La Paz. I was rewarded with a huge amusement. No, I wouldn't want him to drown, I would simply prefer to watch him fight and lose the battle over Luisa Fernanda. A lady he taunted Carlos Eduardo with and now the table is reversed. Good luck (in a sacarstic way) Alfredo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil. Thumbs up 2 u 4 all ur good work.
"Fabian" was looking fat and not as good looking as in WUAM n d voice is different cos i think his voice makeover for WUAM is same as Armando's voice in TGD. Aa 4 Alfredo, he SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!