Monday, March 19, 2007

Martín García - Pablo Montero

Pablo Montero, 32 year old Mexican actor acted as Martín García in this telenovela. He was one of the two people that marched on the path of ironic love.

To you, all silent lovers out there, there is a lesson that we could learn from Martín. Very handsome but shy and cowardly. Humble to a fault. He was a childhood friend of Rebeca Linares. Crossing the line of puppy love to real adult affection became a mountain for him. He suffered in silence for a long time before he could give expression to his love for Rebeca.

He worked as the bartender at the CRYSTAL night club. As his heart-beats pumped after Rebeca, so was the heart-beat of another silent lover, Violeta panted after him. He never knew, just as Rebeca never knew too. Violeta was the daughter of his godmother whom he lived with.

He was the third man, after Sergio and Eduardo, in the turbulent romantic life of Rebeca. Until Princesa showed up.

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