Monday, March 19, 2007

Niurka Linares - Ana Patricia Rojo

Ana Patricia Rojo (Niurka Linares): It is almost natural to end up on the stage or screen, if your father was a celebrated telenovela actor with over 70 soaps to his credits, and your mother is a former beauty queen (Miss Peru), and your grandmother was a celebrity author and writer.

That is the briefest biography or "Telenov-Ana" of this thriller actress, Ana Rojo.

We have met this stunningly beautiful and flamboyant actress before, she was called Georgina, the scheming daughter of a rich medical director of a large hospital, who fell in love with Jose Armando, in Esmeralda.

She played the role of a walker and 'waitress' in CRYSTAL night club owned by Natalio. From there, she entered the dens of the lioness (Leona) and lion (Leon). Natalio fell in love with her, but that only brought more trouble her way, because Leona, her co-waitress was the regular girlfriend of Natalio.

That hot rivalry led Leona to set her equally evil brother- Leon, to get rid of her rival with a bullet in the back. That sent her permanently to a wheelchair, from where her doctor, Nicholas, fell in love with her, and broke his engagement to Carolina Montalban, his fiancee. Don't forget that Niurka was the first daughter of Matilde and elder sister of Rebeca Linares.


Mercy Oforiwaa said...

Niurka you have suffered a alot you deserve Nicolas.

Anonymous said...

oooohhhh please it is jus a film lol!!!!!!!! :O