Monday, March 19, 2007

Matilde Linares - Susana Dosamantes

Veteran actress Susana Dosamantes a.k.a "Matilde Linares" was a doubly lucky woman. This is one woman who had the rare opportunity of a rematch game with destiny ... and she won! She was a stark illiterate and a matrimonial failure. Her second marriage was aborted at the gate of decision.

Adalberto Satander, her proposed second husband-to-be, chickened out of that relationship after she got pregnant, and Adalberto was advised by his parents to steer clear of her because they 'suspected' her to have many lovers, and that the pregnancy may not be his.

They did this obviously to get him out of an impending marriage to a "Mrs. Nobody", and get him to marry somebody with a big family name and wealth power- Regina Montalbán!

From that moment when she was forsaken by Adalberto, her life went down the drain. She became sickly and lived on the edge of penury, barely scrapping a living from menial and odd jobs, to raise a family of three children - two (Niurka and Rebeca), from two different men, and a third child (Patty), adopted as an extra and nuisance burden, on an already prostrate family.

At the end of two decades, Adalberto returned with repentance to her, and re-married her. She happily lived thereafter with her husband and was invited by Sergio Montalbán to live in the big mansion and stupendous wealth.

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