Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nicolás Izaguirre - Jorge Luis Pila

Nicolás Izaguirre - (Jorge Luis Pila): This is the coolest guy in this telenovela story. A medical doctor and gentleman to the core.

Unlike his evil and scheming siblings, Tony and Princesa, he was incapable of their manipulative dexterity. He got involved with quiet and beautiful Carolina Montalban, daughter of Sergio, and sister of Eduardo. He was the first to confront and tell the truth to Eduardo that he has fallen in love with Rebeca Linares, even when Eduardo was still denying that truth.

His relationship with Carolina was unfortunately unfruitful, as it was medically proven that Carolina could not conceive. His life took a dramatic change when Niurka was brought to his hospital after being shot in the back by gun-wielding Leon.


Anonymous said...

Hello, My name is ornilla from denmark... i want tell Jorge Luiz Pila that you are one of my fav. actor:)

iam watching Secreto de amor.. he´s called Lizandro there.. Love you you are very handsome there...

I want to move to Miami, and I hope i gonna meet you Jorge... btw... I want to learn Spaniolle... Take Care and God Bless You All...
With love Ornilla ...:)

Mercy Oforiwaa said...

"Nicolas is a very gentleman. Like him. He is the one of my best actors.

Anthony&Maha said...

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Hope to see you
Best regards.