Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tony Izaguirre - Pablo Martin

Tony Izaguirre - (Pablo Martin): Playboy and sex symbol of the rich Izaguirre family. A reckless Casanova and younger brother of Nicholas and Princesa Izaguirre, he goes for anything in skirt. His innumerable count of mistresses could not satisfy his urge for bizarre fun.

He took a bet with Eduardo that he would go to bed with Rebeca Linares. He was the secret lover of Regina, Adalberto's wife. He dated and jilted Patty Linares. He teamed up with his vengeful sister to defraud the Montalbans.

He naturally kept a bad company, having befriended the lion himself- León Valverde. He was assassinated in the high-wire intrigues of this telenovela.

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