Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snippets 109

The news of Pedro's romance with Marissa has not gotten to Jenny and Carlos, so he began to make moves to avoid another confrontation with L.A. He felt that his mom was pathetically weak whenever it come to loving a criminal like L.A. He was troubled that his mom was still doubting Leopoldo's witness in court as a jealous rival statement against L.A.

Carlos told Jenny to look for a new apartment for him to rent because, as soon as his mother brings the criminal L.A back, he doesn't want to live in the same house with them. Rosario made a last minute effort to convince Carlos never to give Jennifer a chance in his life, that she would ruin him, if he goes ahead to marry her.

Rigoberto was told by the doctor taking care of Don that, the chances of his full recovery is too low because he had brain damage as a result of wrong drugs that he had used in the past.

When Vanessa got this news from Rigo, she quickly rushed to go and tell L.F, warning her to make sure she visits Don in the hospital, because the doctors said he may not survive. L.F went to the hospital immediately and met Don still in a coma, she began to weep by his bedside. Carlos came in and saw her weeping, he embraced and consoled her.

L.A made several attempts to be reconciled with Marissa, but she rebuffed him, telling him with a tone of finality that the divorce is final and that there would be no 3rd chance for him. Pedro went to the social welfare home, to bring Salvador home so that he too can attend Alfredo and L.F's wedding.

Heriberto seem to have lost his guts, he pleaded with Consuelo to go and settle with L.F because he suspected that Vanessa may have told L.F the truth of her paternity and inheritance. He advised Consuelo to go and confirm to L.F that she was her aunt and seek for her forgiveness before it's too late and things get out of hand.

L.A now on the loser's side went to Pedro's house to accuse him of having an affair with his wife and also insult him.

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Anonymous said...

Consuelo's tears were long overdue.she had been causing pain to L.F and it was time for her to feel pain.
L.F may be the only one that can save mr Fernando from his coma.