Thursday, December 14, 2006

AGLOCO Updates Coming...

Who would have imagined 3 years ago, when her IPO was launched that a unit of GOOGLE's shares would go through the roof to over 500 Dollars? Today, I hope to bring you updates on the AGLOCO sure bet.

Let me first warn you that it is not a "get-rick-quick" formula, but it would surely get you some cool money in the next several months if you work it out... only if you labour to work it out!

I have received many letters and inquiries over AGLOCO, so, I think I should announce to you that, as soon as we safely and victoriously landed from this SNIPPETS flight, in a few hours from now. I would post the latest Interview with the Founder of Agloco.

Suffice for me to post a few hints (already edited), which I sent to Richard, one of the enquirers:

"Hi Richard Momoh.

I saw your comment and question on my blog regarding Agloco. Read more about it from this link: here

It is a View bar that would soon be launched and you would be permitted by company to use it for only 5 hours per month. Those 5 hours would be equivalent to 5 units of the company's shares on the London Stock Exchange. While using it, Advertisements from many corporate players would flash through the viewbar.

The shares are convertible to money. You can make more than the 5 hours per month if you recruit friends and family members who are also active online, as they utilize their own five hours, part of their hours would be added to yours. The more people you recruit, the more your shares and of course, your money.

If you are interested follow my AGLOCO LINK and fill the form. They would reply you giving you your own registration number.

From there, get ready for the launch, which I suspect may be January, next month.

Have I made myself clear? if yes let me know.
Good luck"

Philomena Ojikutu

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