Thursday, December 14, 2006

Snippets 175

Whiz kid Salvador caught Jennifer in her nefarious act. She pushed Salvador with force to the ground and gaged Pedrito and left the house with his young victim. By the time the two lovers arrived at Pedro's house, they met Salvador wounded, lying on the ground, he was yet to fully recuperate from the fire burns of the floral shop.

Salvador told them that Pedrito had been kidnapped. L.F broke into painful tears, Carlos alerted the police of the kidnap. Jenny arrived at L.A's house with Pedrito and intimated him about her kidnap and vengeance act.

L.A called his hatchet man, Solozarno, telling him to swing into action and take responsibility for the kidnap and also demand a heavy ransom in exchange for the boy's life. Solozarno contacted Carlos announcing his responsibility for the kidnap.

Carlos became jittery, he called Ordonez to tell him that his son has been kidnapped and the kidnappers want ransom. He asked him to get ready some money for the ransom.

Xochil contract is taking her to Acapulco and Alfredo declined to follow her because of his schedule at work.

Don and Rigo became worried when L.F did not return home to sleep. Vanessa did not want to induce more anxiety, so she covered up for L.F by not telling them that Pedrito had been kidnapped.

A member of Solozarno's gang called Racon suspected that Solozarno was behind the kidnap racket.

Armando came to inform L.A about the kidnap of L.F's son. He also went to inform Jenny of Pedrito's kidnap. He suspected Jennifer, so decided to discretely investigate her.

Jennifer came with crocodile tears to console L.F on the kidnap of her son.

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