Thursday, December 14, 2006

Snippets 177

A crack opened up among the kidnappers, Solozarno was threatened by Racon when he refused to cooperate with them. Racon blackmailed Solo that he would expose all his past shady deals to the police, if he backed out of their plot.

Alfredo wanted to accompany Carlos to the venue of appointment with the kidnappers to party ransom, but Carlos refused because he had been warned to come alone. When Carlos arrived at the meeting point with the kidnappers, with the ransom packaged in a briefcase, he was very nervous.

Armando came back to tell Carol that Carlos had gone to pay the ransom to the kidnappers for the release of Pedrito. Jenny was furious with this news, this was not how she wanted it, she did not know that the case would twist in this manner. She hurriedly left the house to go and alert her criminal accomplice, L.A, about the new development. Carol and Armando were sure by her reaction and the manner she rushed out of the house, that she knew about the kidnap. They suspected that she was rushing out to the kidnapper's hideout.

Alfredo called in the police to tell them the detail and the ransom. Carlos did not see anybody, at the appointed site, so, he came home for the long wait for another contact by the Kidnappers. When he got back home and saw policemen. He was angry with Alfredo for telling the police the details about the ransom. He almost landed Alfredo an angry punch.

L.A was confident that his plan could not be hijacked by Solozarno, to collect money and release Pedrito. So, he reluctantly took Jenny to Rebecca's joint where the gang holed out. Solozarno and Racon were at each other's throat. Solo threatened Racon that he would kill him if he made any independent deal to collect money from Carlos. L.A changed his decision to let Rebeca take custody of Pedrito, so he took the boy out with Jenny to another hideout.

The police interviewed Carlos and L.F, to know if they suspected anybody that might have enmity against them. Carlos supplied the name Luis Alejandro Montero, while L.F supplied the name of Jennifer.

Racon called Carlos, asking him to come to another site with the money and without any police intervention. This time around, Alfredo insisted of accompanying him, so both of them left for the new site. As they arrived at the site, Racon came out and demanded for the Ransom, at that split second, The police surrounded the place and arrested Racon.

Don Fernando inquired from Rigo that he did not know that 'Amelia' had any child. Rigo explained to him that Amelia was dead and that the person he calls Amelia now is Amelia's child and her name id Luisa Fernanda. When Vanessa came she confirmed to him that both Amelia and Consuela are dead and that he is only left with a granddaughter - Luisa Fernanda. The old man wept bitterly for his two dead daughters.

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marlene said...

Jenny is getting closed to her end.

Poor Don who was waiting for his princess Amelia all this time. He has to console himself only with the granddaughter now...