Thursday, December 14, 2006

Snippets 178

Under the barrage of torture, Racon confessed that Pedrito was hidden in Slozarno's house with Rebecca. When Carlos and Alfredo got there with a team of policemen. When they got there, Rebecca quickly confessed to them that, L.A had com to pick the boy to an unknown hideout.

All the while Armando and Carol had been on the trail of Jenny and L.A without being noticed. As Solozarno and L.A deposited Pedrito in the new hideout, Jenny sought to disappear again as if she was innocent of the crime. At that moment Armando and Carol appeared and arrested her, to prevent her from escaping. They asked her where she hid the boy that she kidnapped?

The police arrived at L.A's house and formed a wall of arrest round about the house. As L.A stepped out to leave, Carlos Eduardo confronted and blocked him. Solozarno was about to kill Carlos as he pointed his gun at him, just before he pulled the trigger, the police appeared and arrested them.

At the police cell where the two criminals were locked up, L.A lied that he too had come to rescue Pedrito by going out to go and alert his daughter, Luisa Fernanda, that he already knew where Pedrito was hidden. He claimed that it was Jennifer who kidnapped the boy.

Guillermo also arrived at the scene. He promised Jenny that he would help her to escape justice if she could disclose the specific location of Pedrito. At that same moment, a detachment of policemen arrived with Carlos. Jenny was arrested and the boy was fished out from the warehouse where he was kept. Carlos phoned L.F to tell her that Pedrito has been found. L.F rushed to the scene, and she saw her mortal foe, Jennifer de la Robbery in handcuffs.

Don Fernando visited Pedro to expressed his gratitude to him for giving accommodation and protection to his daughter Amelia, for the 18 years that he sent her into the wilderness of life, before her tragic death. He embrace Pedro and thanked him again.

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Njoku chinonso.p said...

Finall y jennifer is on handcuff and i knew this would be the only way to prevent her from ruining luisa for luis alajandro,he would be in for it cos the law would see him as an accomplice.