Thursday, December 14, 2006

Snippets 174

Jenny, full of fury, having not been able to find Carlos, accused Marissa for not inviting her sick self to her wedding. She told her that she would wait for Carlos to return before she goes. Vanessa confronted Jenny and told her to stop fighting a lost battle., because Carlos loved L.F and not her. She also told Jenny that C.E and L.F have reconciled and their wedding would be the next in few days time.

That was too much a blow perfectly delivered by Vanessa on this ailing lady of tricks. Jenny was alarmed and began to plot how to take vengeance because of this.

Meanwhile, after their reunion love-making, the two lovers, Carlos and L.F agreed to get married immediately before another misfortune of fate tear them apart. They swore to always love each other.

At the reception, Don Fernando was boiling in misdirected anger, when he discovered that 'Amelia' (Meaning L.F), has gone out with that man who stole his money and decieved his princess 20 years ago. He refused every persuasion to go home alone unless 'Amelia' showed up back at the party. When eventually L.F returned Don assured Alfredo that he would chastise her for his sake. Alfredo told him that would not be necessary, because they have broken up their relationship.

The newest couple in town, Pedro and Marisa, took leave of their guests, and got ready for their honeymoon.

Jenny got a rude shock when Carol at the reception insisteds that she would no longer live in her house, now that she is respectably married woman. Suddenly it dawned on her that she was the only miserable loser that had no one to boast of as husband, (Guillermo for hewr was just a past time).

She launched her Al Queada operation in the midst of merriment, to cause untold anguish to L.F and Carlos. She went to Pedro's house and kidnapped little boy Pedrito, and ran away with him.


Anonymous said...

Good God, Phil. Al Qaeda attack!. I can't help laughing. What is she planning to blow up?

Anonymous said...

hmmm!, if osama catch u, ur fate go pass consuelo own.... don't u realise the name 'al q.....' is copyright protected????!!