Thursday, December 14, 2006

Snippets 176

L.A was not too happy with the careless condolence visit of Jenny to L.F and Carlos. He decided to go and 'commiserate' with L.F too. As he got there, Pedro got angry and began to chase him out with blows. Carlos had to quickly intervene to prevent battles again. L.F told everybody, including Pedro to go, because, instead of commiserating with her it was personal battles they were fighting.

Marissa learnt about the kidnap of Pedrito and she too was worried. Racon colluded with Rebecca, who took custody of Pedrito for Slozarno, to let them take advantage of the situation for their own fortune. So, Racon assigned Rebecca to convince Solozarno to fall in, with their plans to seize the opportunity and take advantage of the situation for their common profits. Racon put a call through to Pedro's house, and demanded for 50 million Dollars ransom.

Ordonez got the ransom ready from the bank's vault. Racon called and warn Carlos to come alone with the money and not involve the police, otherwise, he would never see Pedrito alive again.

Jennifer was full of joy, she told Carol that the son of the "mugu girl" has been kidnapped. Carol suspected that Jenny may know more than what she says because of her joy over the kidnap.

Alfredo, who has just been seconded to work under the supervision of Carlos, and to be working in the psychiatry department of the hospital, heard about the Pedrito kidnap. He rushed to Pedro's house to commiserate with them too.

Don Fernando suspected that L.F was in great anguish, so he queried Rigo who confessed to him that L.F's son, Pedrito has been kidnapped.

Xóchil requested for some time to settle the emotion of Alfredo, before she could follow Guillermo for Acapulco Advertising Campaigns.

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THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH for having this site! I had to leave Malaysia where I was watching it religiously for two hours every weekday morning! Its just getting to the point where I left off now and Im so excited! *HUGS* You are a star! Please! Keep it coming! And dont miss out the details!