Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snippets 128

Rosario had to deploy her motherly wisdom to get Carlos out of self-depression and self-guilt. She told him to reject being victim of Jenny's suicidal madness. Carlos recovered and rose up to address Jennifer, telling her that her case needs urgent psychiatric intervention, just like Pedro when he attempted suicide some 3 years ago.

Carol also advised her to look for another man who would love her, because her happiness is not tied and cannot be tied to a man who does not love her. When Armando broke the news of Jenny's suicidal attempt to L.F, this good-natured girl visited, to sympathize with her at the hospital. But the predictable results are, insults and abuses rained on her by a supposedly recuperating Jenny.

Alfredo requested Xochil to carry him to Jenny's ward. On getting there, Jenny accused him of letting loose his fiancee to resume intimate relationship with Carlos Eduardo. She told him the details of how she caught both of them is passionate kissing session in Carlos office. Alfredo went straight to L.F's house to challenge her on the illicit affair, she re-ignited with Carlos. She denied the allegation, perhaps to avoid another possible suicide by Alfredo on her neck.

As L.A appeared in court again, the judge decided that there were few evidences to prove beyond reasonable doubt that L.A actually wanted to kill Marissa. The case was dismissed without cost. Immediately Ordonez applied to subpoena Andreina as witness for a fresh case against L.A. The L.A camp burst into joyful celebration and L.A began to plan Kill Andreina, if she should return to Mexico to testify against him.

Carlos Eduardo re-assured L.F that she should give him time to let Jenny be discharged from the hospital before he breaks his engagement with her. He also told her to do same at the same time with respect to Alfredo, so both of them can go ahead and marry.


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I think Carlos' advice to L F, is all "gardners" want. Keep it up folks.

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