Saturday, December 09, 2006

Snippets 140

Marissa confronted L.A in the presence of Jenny over his paternity of Luisa Fernanda. L.A played the hero by telling her that he had come to confess the truth to her when he found her in the romantic embrace of Pedro kissing him. He said he retreated, thinking that her righteous lover, Pedro would tell her the truth.

He told her that Pedro was more evil than him because he is hiding so many things from her. He advised her never to trust Pedro, who had deceived her by covering up that he was not the biological father of L.F. Jenny also warned her not to believe her son, because he colluded with Pedro to hide that information from her just to get back with L.F.

A devastated Marissa went straight to Pedro to accuse him of being a liar and deceiver over his supposed paternity of L.F. She broke her engagement and impeding marriage to Pedro and told him that she did not want to see him again.

A worried L.F decided to go to Marissa to clarify that she got to know that L.A was her father only some few days earlier, and that she would never regard him as her father, but would continue seeing Pedro as her true father. She had to embark on this mission because she knew that Jenny was capable of pitching Marissa against her because Carlos had broken up with her.

Rigo was chased out by Consuelo to search for Don who had disappeared from the house.

There was disarray in the camp of Jennifer. She got to know that Armando had confided in L.F, his half sister, that it was her (Jenny), who told Marissa about L.F being L.A's daughter. Jenny sent Armando packing from her apartment, but Carol was opposed.

Don Fernando told Pedro and Pancho the contorted lied of Consuelo which sent him into sorrow. Pedro told him that it was a lie, and that Amelia and her boyfriend never stole any money from him. Pedro insisted that Don should go back home and ask Rigo for the full truth behind what made him chase Amelia out.

Alfredo and Carlos had another fierce battle over the plan of Alfredo to frustrate L.F from coming back to him (Carlos). He accused Alfredo of distorting the truth, by inciting L.F with lies that he (Carlos) chased Alfredo out of his house when he came to report to Marissa. After Carlos left, Alfredo swore to Xochil that he would take vengeance against Carlos for taking L.F away from him.

L.F alerted Carlos of the plans of Jenny to expose to Marissa that they were hiding L.A's paternity from Marissa.

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