Saturday, December 09, 2006

Snippets 141

Jennifer de la Jealous carried her desperate battle to a restaurant where Carlos and L.F were having lunch. She shouted on the top of her voice against L.F, saying that Marissa hates her and would never allow her to marry her son- Carlos Eduardo. She told her that Marissa sees her as a deceiver, along with her opportunist gardener father, Pedro. She told her that Marissa would have nothing to do with a family of hideous liars again, and had broken up with Pedro. When L.F wanted to reply Jenny, Carlos calmed her down, telling her that he would take her to go and meet Marissa to explain the whole drama to her.

As soon as they left to see Marissa, Jenny rushed to see Alfredo, warning him that Carlos and L.F were in a restaurant eating together, like lovers, and that they follow each other everywhere round Mexico city.

As Marissa was explaining to Nana Rosario why she broke up with Pedro because he hid the truth of L.F's paternity from her, saying, she no longer could trust him. Carlos and L.F arrived. Marissa told her that she would not listen to L.F's lame excuse and that it was too late to come and give her a 'cock & bull' story. Carlos persuaded Marissa to hear out L.F's version. After Marissa listened to her, She told her not to come near her house again, and that she should tell her father not come to beg her, since she was finished with him.

Dr. Arreola warned Alfredo that his illness needs more of psychotherapy than physiotherapy. He told him that he should seek a psychotherapeutic solution, because of his obsessive emotional battles with Carlos Eduardo.

Don Fernando returned back home and met Rigo on her way out to search for him. He told her that he had been with Pedro at his floral shop. Suzanna came to visit Pedro and accused him of cheating on her. She asked him how serious was his relationship with that woman, meaning Marissa. Pedro replied that Suzanna should not worry about him again, because he did not love her again. He told her that It was Marissa that he now loves.

Caesar was able to locate the key to L.A's office where the stolen documents were kept. Alicia, L.A's secretary, began to suspect why Caesar was behaving strangely. Caesar lied to her that his irrational behavior stems from his pregnant wife's appendicitis illness, that is stressing him.

Vanessa also came to warn Pedro to brace up and reveal to L.F that she was the heiress and granddaughter of Don Fernando Alcantara. Pedro was reluctant and indecisive.

Guillermo began to train Xochil as an apprentice model.

L.A's plot to defraud Rubén nears completion and maturity.

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