Friday, February 23, 2007

You Have a Granddaughter!

The lips of a dying man could be a treasure, if properly mined. Heriberto Sotomayor, convinced more than anyone else, that he was going to die, fulfilled the noble wishes of his lovely and loving daughter, Vanessa Sotomayor. That is, to expose Consuela's concealment and theft of the inheritance of L.F.

Heriberto told Don Fernando, that apart from requesting him to take care of his daughter after he passed on, he also wanted to confess to him that he Don Fernando, has a granddaughter. The old man was not senile, he was stunned by this news from the blues.

He had earlier promised Heriberto that he would care for Vanessa, as if she were his granddaughter, that he never had. Heriberto told him, saying: " ... you are wrong, you have a grand daughter... ". In today's, Friday's episode, he would also tell Don that he knew the granddaughter, but his energy sipped out of him, and could not mention Luisa Fernanda as being the old man's granddaughter and heiress. He was not also able to tell the old man that Consuela colluded with L.A to write a new Will to disinherit L.F.

Consuela's first casualty, upon taking over as the acting President of the Steel plant was Virginia, her hubby's mistress and secretary. She fired her instanta without a sack letter! She threw her to the street and called her a cheap W*ore.

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