Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 155

The tragic news of Consuelo's death sent Don Fernando from the peak of joy and merriment into the darkest pits of melancholic depression. Everybody was concerned for the old man's health, Vanessa called Carlos to come and medically help Don out of this new trauma. L.F felt very bad by the death of Consuelo. Being the last person to see her alive, she concluded that her obstinacy was what drove Consuelo to her untimely death.

After examining Don, Carlos recommended to Rigo that he would have to refer him on admission again at the hospital. The old man told them not to bother, that he could not afford live anymore. He wished he were dead too to save him from the sorrow of hearing about the deaths of his two daughters within 24 hours. That was too much for any loving parent. At that moment L.A appeared, came to say his condolence to the old man. Vanessa did not even grant him that luxury. She chased him out of the mansion.

As Carlos moved to escort L.F to the mortuary in preparation for Consuelo's burial, L.F shunned him. On getting to the morgue, as all relatives and friends gathered, Consuelo's corpse was brought out. Upon seeing his daughter's corpse, the old man fainted.

Two down and out, Two more to Go!
L.A began to plot afresh how he would take over the wealth of Don, after the death of Consuelo. Jenny too began to plot how she would capture Carlos in her evil net again now that she knew that a fresh crack has opened up between L.F and him. she went to wait for him at home.

Xochil was happy to be reconciled with her boss and lover, Alfredo, she went back home with him.

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