Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 158

What Pedro dreaded for 2 decades happened in 2 days! L.F announced to him that because of the speedy plunge of Don into depression. She had to move in, to live with her grandfather in the mansion. Pedro was stripped naked of any pretenses. he felt vulnerable and lonely when L.F left and moved in with Don.

Marissa pleaded with Pedro to put in a word for Carlos, telling him to let L.F give Carlos to explain himself out on this Jenny embarrassment. Pedro failed to convince L.F to give Carlos a chance, not even with the plea message from Marissa. Marissa advised Carlos to go talk to L.F again by himself, since she would need support now that Don Fernando has gone back into Depression, and also because L.A has usurped the Presidency of the Iron and steel company.

Ordo'├▒ez foresaw the impending danger of L.A's assumption of the Presidency of the Iron and Steel company. He knew that L.A would scandalously fleeced the company like he did during his 2-year reign at Metropolitan Bank. As well as probable hijacking and squandering of L.F's heritage. He headed for Don's house to go and tell the old man.

Rigoberto was also in bad shape because of the sudden and unexpected death of Consuelo. Vanessa was left to do the unpalatable work of consoling Rigo.

Armando expressed his shock to Carol over the sudden plans of Jenny to wed them.

Alfredo tried to retoast L.F by telling her he would soon perfect his walking and would love to see her walking by his side. Xochil too declares to Alfredo that she would leave him and go on with her modelling career as soon as he regained the full use of his limbs.

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