Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 156

Jennifer and her "comrades-in-scheming", Carolina and Armando, went to Don's house when they read of the death of Consuelo in all the newspapers. She carried her comrades along with the purpose of catching Carlos, knowing that Carlos would be there, commiserating with the old man.

She met Vanessa and asked if L.F was still working for the old man as housemaid. Vanessa laughed at her folly, and told them that L.F was the granddaughter and heiress of Don Fernando Alcantara, that she was the owner of the property where they were standing. Jenny almost fainted with shock of this latest surprise.

Guillermo's assistant warned him that Jenny has gone after her obsession- Carlos, again. That he is sure she doesn't love him (Guillermo), he warned him that Jenny was only using him to satisfy her emotional hunger.

L.F comforted Don and refused to leave him alone for a minute. Later when she escorted Don back home, she was furious to see Jennifer hanging around her mansion with her "comrades". She humiliated them by ordering the guards to chase them out of her property. Carlos declared to L.F that he would not leave the house unless L.F listen to his own explanation of what caused the new misunderstanding between them. She told him that he was a fake fellow and wouldn't talk to him.

L.A informed Reuben of his resignation as his legal adviser because he was resuming as the new President of the Iron and steel company of Alcantara, occasioned by the death of Consuelo.

L.A. took over immediately as President of the factory while everybody were still mourning.
Trimming, Vanessa's husband challenged his ascendancy, and accused him of being a faithful accomplice of late Consuelo in all her evil deeds against L.F.

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