Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 161

L.A would not have any of the nonsense and manipulation of Jenny. He stoutly opposed the attempt of Jenny to suddenly marry away her sister, Carol to his son Armando. He knew the stock in trade of his cunning evil partner that she was up to some tricks up her sleeve.

The cries of help by the whiz kids from inside the floral shop that become a ball of fire by now, attracted Alfredo. He mobilized Xochil and Victor to the rescue of the children.

Alfredo displayed valor when he rolled his wheel chair into the inferno and attempted to rescued the two children. in the course of this rescue, Salvador was wounded by a log of burning wood that fell on him, but Alfredo succeeded in rescuing them. Pedro was informed and he rushed to the scene. They were rushed to the hospital and Carlos was handy to help resuscitate and treat their burns. He also attempted to treat the burns of Alfredo, the jealous Alfredo refused and did not allow Carlos to touch him.

Don Fernando thought that it was his steel company that caught fire, when he heard the news of the fire outbreak at the floral shop. Pedro was devastated because not a single thing remained of his lifetime asset in the shop after the inferno. He was informed by the Chief fire officer that their investigation shows that it was a deliberate fire and not as a result of any accident.

Armando too was shocked that L.F gave authority to L.A to run the factory for her. He felt from his personal experience, that L.A was incapable and would ruin the factory as he almost did with the bank.

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