Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 167

That old 'war' veteran, Rigoberto, may have a fresh battle on her hands soon. She was obviously not happy when, for the second time running, she overheard Alfredo, arm-twisting the old man to persuade L.F to marry him immediately. Pedro was so depressed seeing L.F in the midst of human hyenas whom she had chosen as her new 'friends', to his detriment. Marissa comforted and consoled him.

The fake Will fabricated by Consuelo drew no small ire of Carlos and others. He knew, that L.A was playing games with L.F's destiny. He and L.A entered into another fist cuff to settle scores. L.F was angry that Carlos fought her new 'friend' L.A, she ordered him to leave the premises of the company.

When L.F got home, she queried Don over his Will, to know if he actually chose Consuelo as his heiress. The old man said he could remember, but if that was what the will says, then, it must have been because, Consuelo had always been by his side.

Don began to play the Alfredo ball, by instructing L.F to marry Alfredo immediately. She told him that she loved him so much, that she cannot rush out of the house to marry Alfredo yet. She said she wanted to still live with him, and make sure he was well care for and healed before she decide on marriage to Alfredo. She tried to remind him that she just returned to know him as her grandfather after 20 years, she doesn't want to quickly depart from him yet.

Alfredo was angry to see Carlos in Pedro's house. He accused him of trying to woo L.F back to himself using Pedro as his tool. He embarrassed and chased Carlos out of the house. Pedro was angry with Alfredo for disrespecting him by chasing his visitors away.

Carlos knew the danger of Don's indifference to him, so, he obtained Consuelo's death certificate to show it to Don that Consuelo had died. he knew this may cause more depression for the old man but he was determined to right the current wrongs.

Xóchil counseled Guillermo to look elsewhere because Jenny was excessively obsessed with Carlos Eduardo.

L.F advised to stop accusing L.A as a thief and fraudster.


Anonymous said...

I have never really been take in with LF. She is irrational and naive when it matters most for her to use her head. Think about her run ins with Carlos Eduardo, Alfredo, Consuelo, Luis Alejandro, the list is endless. Sometimes, I feel like pulling my hair off in frustration just listening to her talk/complain/whine!! By the way, I disagree with the author concerning Consuelo's end. It would have been nice to have had her end up in a mental institution alongside Jenny.

Anonymous said...

Cherish welcome back. Thought you ve left the country of better still had excuse TGD. nice to hear you back. I agree wc you LF should stop manipulating us and face the truth.


Anonymous said...

Florence, Hi. No, I haven't traveled yet; that will be in January. Has anybody ever noticed Consuelo's bloodcurdling laughters? They give me the chills. I give it to the actress who plays that Consuelo. I think she's good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Philomena,
How about snippets on ursupadora a telenovela that is currently running?