Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 165

Don Fernando, in his mental state considered the romantic kiss between Alfredo and L.F as nauseating. He confronted her, asking who this fellow was. She explained to him that, she had broken up relationship with Carlos Eduardo and that Alfredo is now her fiance.

Alfredo suspected that the sharp reaction of Don must have been because Don saw Carlos as the father of little Pedro. He became suspicious that L.F may be playing games with him.

Everybody now seem to be begging and lobbying L.F for one favor or the other. Marissa booked a dinner date with L.F to come to her house. She arrived there elegantly dressed, like a rich and wealthy empress. Marissa wanted to explain to her that Carlos had nothing to do with Jenny again. Rosario phoned Carlos to alert him that 'madam' Fernanda is at home with Marissa. Ordonez and Carlos rushed home to meet them.

When they arrived, they told her about the outrageous sum of money that L.A is demanding as divorce settlement. Ordonez derogatorily spoke about L.A who is the new idol of L.F in her presence.

Pedro told Pancho that the insurance company would indemnify him for the loss of his Floral asset.


Adaora said...

It's like L.F. is sick in the head for her to have goone back to her vomit(Alfredo). She does not know what she want in a man. I am not really happy about all these.

Anonymous said...

i have never anyone as confused as LF. how cld she go back to Alfredo in spite of catching him redhanded making out with Xochil? Again, how on earth could she have allowed herself to be influenced by his con father? In fact, i am losing interest in this telenova

dinah said...

fellow viewers of this telovena!!!
i dont know if one of u understood what the producer is trying to potray in this movie, the hall thing is in a mess; why hurting the innocents' always and not the bad guys even for once so that one can atleast have interest in watching it? abeg, dis one pass torri-o!!!