Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 157

Jenny was excited to learn that after a hot argument, L.F also sent Carlos out of her mansion. She assured Carol that Carlos would return back to her. Guillermo began to scheme to take Jenny out of the atmosphere of "Carlobsession". He told her that a new ad campaign is starting in another country. She replied that she could follow him because her sister, Carol, would soon marry and she wanted to be around to help her during the wedding.

Vanessa counseled and warn L.F not to believe 3rd party rumour about Carlos, even if Pedro was the rumor monger. She told her that from her own practical experience with Carlos, when she was still chasing after him, Carlos loved her and was incapable of deceiving her again.

Carlos went to meet with Xochil to confirm if actually L.F slept with Alfredo on the night when she slept in their house. Xochil told him the truth of the affair between Alfredo and her. She told him that they never slept together.

Alfredo resumed his scheming on a larger scale. This time,began a fresh lobby of Pedro to convince L.F to marry him. Pedro went to Marissa to express his disappointment about Carlos' unfaithfulness with L.F. Marissa told him the truth that no iota of relationship exist between her son and Jenny. She made him realize that Jenny was obsessed and always throwing herself at Carlos.

L.A warned Trimming to keep quiet or he would deal with him. He sent message to Armando to come and resume as his assistant at the factory, telling him that they were the only blood relatives of L.F, who can help her manage the fortune that has come to her. He also told Armando to help him convince L.F to forgive and accept him as her father.

Jennifer de la Schemer devised another contraption by telling Armando to get ready to marry Carol, her sister. That she would sponsor their marriage. Foolish Armando was shocked and did not know the evil motive behind this sudden move. What this evil queen of carnality was planning was that, being the half brother of L.F who is now an heiress to a huge fortune, that wealth would rub on Carol and ultimately herself, if Carol is married to Armando.

Don pleaded with L.F that she was the only one he had now and begged her never to leave him alone, till he dies.

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Richard said...

Your husband must be very proud of you for the good work you are doing. I really appreciate the effort and the zeal you put into the selfless service you are rendering to all gardeners especially in posting snippets of the Gardener's daughter. It's not easy but God has given you his grace to do it. May 2007 bring more abundant blessings to you, your family and all gardeners, Amen.