Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 171

The siege is broken, Carol fraternized with L.F and appreciated her support during their quiet weddings. carol begged her not to doubt Carlos Eduardo again. She also advised her to go after Carlos and never lose him again to the wiles of Jenny.

Jenny was saddened by the news of Carol's wedding because she was not there to witness it. She protested to Carol for not informing her and Carol told her that they were leaving her apartment for another place, Jenny begged them to stay.

Don Fernando finally came out of Amnesia and partially recovered his precious memory, he suddenly could see that Vanessa was Vanessa and not Consuelo. he was still confused about L.F. So, Rigo called Carlos to treat him. When Carlos arrived, Don told him that 'Amelia' would marry Alfredo, and he should not come to his house again, so as to avoid problems between rivals.

Marissa's divorce was finally accomplished. L.A celebrated with the huge money he made from the divorce settlements. Marissa celebrated with her domestic staff. She presented the divorce certificate to her new husband-to-be, Pedro.

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