Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 162

The contradictions of foolishness manifests much more in the life of people who are failures in the university of relationship. Pedro and Luisa Fernanda got into hot arguments on the probable suspect that burned down his floral shop.

While Pedro believed that it was L.A, L.F believed that it was Jennifer. She defended her suspicions on the ignorant assumption that, L.A was helping her to run the factory, the same man cannot sabotage Pedro's business assets. Pedro was furious to learn that L.F now belives in L.A, and had even given him a friendly endorsement to run the factory for her. She phoned Carlos immediately to announce her appointment and confidence in L.A to manage the factory for her.

The contradictions of folly multiplied when Carlos went to challenge L.F for reconciling with Alfredo whom she caught in bed with his lover-housemaid, Xochil, but refused to forgive him, for the alleged kiss that Jenny gave him, and Pedro, a third party, who witnessed it told her of. Which is the greater crime.

Jenny fuelled the contradictions by going to tell Marissa that Carlos had completely broken his relationship with L.F. Marissa accused Jenny for being the cunning manipulator that triggered the break-up, because Pedro told L.F about the fiticious kisses she (Jenny) gave her son and reported it to L.F.

Jenny secretly rejoiced when she heard about that Pedro's floral business burned to ashes. Alfredo was threatened by the new modeling vocation of his secret mistress. He was afraid that Xochil may leave him and got a new admirer as a model.

Restless Vanessa believed that the original will od Don was in Heriberto's safe. She advised her husband to open it and give it to L.F. As the husband of Vanessa was making the attempt, L.A arrived.

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