Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 163

The chicken has come home to roost. L.F called Alfredo, being a psychiatrist, to come and help Don to recover his mental balance. That was prayer answered miraculously for this mental manipulator. When he arrived he accused her of going away to live wity her grandfather without consulting with him. He accused her that she was planning to get back with Carlos again that was why she ran to live in Don's house.

Under the pressure of his accusation she broke down and wept out her frustrations and confusion. He had compassion on her held her, and, for the first time ever, kissed her passionately... Don came out of the room and became more confused by the romantic scene he saw.

Meanwhile Carlos and Ordonez were strategizing to protect her from being duped and defrauded by her newest 'friend', L.A. Vanessa was shocked that L.F could foolishly allow the closest and loyal ally of Consuelo, to run the factory. Armando told Vanessa's husband that the reason why he accepted to work as legal assistant to L.A in the factory, was to protect L.F's interest against possible fraudulent deals by L.A.

Marissa offered to give Pedro money to restore his lost business, he rejected the offer. Marissa went to confront L.A and accused him of being the brain behind burning down of Pedro's floral shop.

Ordonez fixed a meeting with L.F and Carlos at a restaurant. He wanted to disclose vital information that nobody knows about to her.

Xichil too was brought back for training to Jenny by Guillermo, to polish her for the upcoming campaign.

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