Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 164

Emotional battle was spurred by the new re-alignment of L.F and Alfredo. Jenny and Xochil formed a new alliance to scatter L.F and Alfredo as well as L.F and Carlos, so that they could claim their respective men from her clutches.

Alfredo in a deft move to counter his bitter emotional foe decreed that L.F must never invite Carlos to come and examine or treat Don again.

At the cafe meeting with Ordonez, they told her all the impending dangers and how she must avoid the legal loopholes and remove L.A. She stuck to her decision that L.A would do her good at the factory. While they were still discussing, Jenny, Guillermo and Xochil entered the restaurant too for a meal. L.F stood up and went straight to accuse Xochil of being a prostitute that was seducing Alfredo. xochil was scandalized and embarrassed by the outburst of L.F, she broke down and wept profusely, under the rain of accusation of L.F..

Marissa urged Mujica to speed up her divorce proceedings in court, because she can't wait any minute longer to marry Pedro. L.A warned mujica to tell Marissa that the divorce would cost her heavy sums of money, as part of his conditions of terminating their marriage.

L.F commissioned Armando to spy out L.A regularly on all activities at the factory.

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