Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 170

Carlos avoided a new scandal by Jenny on her hospital bed. He disallow her to kiss him. L.F excused Carlos and told him that she had broken up every relationship with Alfredo. While they were still chatting Alfredo arrived and requested to see L.F alone. When he was alone with her he told her that he accept her reason and respect her decision to break up with him.

Jenny was so angry to hear Carol tell her that Carlos and L.F have mended their love fences again. Carlos later insisted that L.F should help Don by always correcting him anytime he mistakenly call her "Amelia" by telling him that she was Luisa Fernanda, the daughter of Amelia. Guillermo later came to apologize to Carlos for blaming him for Jenny's misfortunes.

Marissa visited Jenny at the hospital and advised her to forgo her obsession with Carlos. She told her that Luisa and Carlos were destined to marry and it is futile to still struggle against their re-union.

L.A finally signed the divorce papers, after Marissa conceded majority of her personal assets that she acquired after she married him, to him.

Armando and Carol disregarded Jenny, who was on sick bed, and went to the registry for a quiet wedding. They did not even considered it worthwhile to tell her. Armando however sought and got the approval of L.F to be as his family witness to sign his marriage certificate during the brief ceremony at the registry. After the ceremony, Carol confessed to L.F that Carlos never deceived her. She told her that all the make-believe that she heard or assumed, were the expert forgery and manipulation of Jenny.

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