Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 160

The destiny drama continued when a Relapsing Don Fernando mistook Vanessa for his late daughter, Consuelo. L.F was verily provoked by the usurpation of the steel factory by L.A. Pedro took it over himself to go to the factory to confront L.A, asking him to quit 'his' daughter's property. It was great opportunity for L.A to thoroughly humiliate Pedro. He asked the security men at the factory to beat him up and throw him out of the premises, the he was an insane man.

The new starlet, Xochil truly began to shine, when she came home one day in one of her new-look modeling outfit, Alfredo was astonished because he could almost not recognize her again. He was enchanted and felt a tremendous surge all over his body. His heartbeats increased at an alarming rate, this is no longer the housemaid he employed some few years ago. The transformation was too much for him to comprehend.

On the other hand, Jenny was filled with outrageous jealousy to know that Xochil, her former apprentice, was more than a perfect substitute for her.

Carlos Eduardo was finally set free as he won the case of attempted burglary against L.A.

L.F, upon learning how Pedro was humiliated by L.A went with fury to the steel factory to confront L.A. This con man, turned on his best charm and charisma. The same one that conquered Amelia, devoured Elvira Perreira, slain Consuela, smashed Marissa. L.F melted under his articulation. He showed her why he was the best qualified man to help her manage the factory. he showed her why Don Fernando and Consuelo could not have dispensed with his skillful management in the last two years. he warned her that all her fortune would go awry if she should be a new hand to manage the factory.

He also took advantage of her current emotional bitterness with Carlos Eduardo. He called him a deceiver. He told her sordid lies of how Carlos had ever been romping with Jennifer and would inevitably marry Jenny and dump her. What else does she want to hear? She gave L.A complete authority to carry on.

Many people who had been burnt before by the fire of this con man knew that L.F was heading for trouble by her decision to retain L.A as president of the factory.

Alfredo, another disgusting schemer sharpened his arrow, and fate played L.F ball back into his court. But before then he went to protest to Pedro for allowing L.F to move in with her grandfather. He expressed his selfish concern that Carlos would be seeing more of L.F because he was the old man's physician.

Solozarno followed the instruction of his master, L.A, to the letter. he set the floral shop of Pedro on fire that consumed everything there, and almost consume the two whiz kids, Salvador and Teresita.

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