Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 166

When L.F heard the denigration of L.A she simply took excuse to leave without a word. She went to L.A and accused him of demanding an outrageous sum for divorce settlement. Before he could defend himself, Lic Ordonez, Mujica and C.E entered, to announce to him that Marissa accepted to pay him his request.

Mujica now demanded for the Will of Don which the old man had asked him to prepare. L.A told them that they were free, provided they bring along a notary public to see and read the will. The next day, Carlos and other brought a notary public, and the Safe was forced open. When the will was read, they were all devastated to see that it was Consuelo that was named as the heiress to the fortune. Marissa told Pedro that they have gone to L.A office to read Don's Will. Pedro felt so bad and disappointed that L.F did not even invite him to participate, and had abandoned him for L.A.

Alfredo began to desperately lobby Don to persuade L.F to marry him immediately. After he had gone, Don called Vanessa to ask her who this stranger was that was lobbying him to persuade his daughter. Vanessa gave him the low down of the genesis to revelation of the story, and advised Don not to support Alfredo.

Xochil refused to be incited by Jennifer to do evil to counter L.F. Xochil hoever was sad and complained to Alfredo for using unethical method of manipulating his patient to woo L.E into marital agreement.

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