Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 159

Jenny attempted to renew her evil alliance with L.A, this time, to defraud L.F's new fortune. L.A recoiled from this offer because he has private agenda and does not want to shoot himself on the leg with such acts.

A drama of destiny occurred as L.F arrived with her luggage into Don's mansion. The old man who had relapsed into depression and amnesia, mistook her for Amelia. He was happy and quickly called Rigoberto to fetch Consuela to come and see her sister, Amelia, who has returned home after 2 decades of absence. L.F was so embarrassed with this twist of Don's mental health

Guillermo carried out his threat and got a better substitute to Jennifer to carry the ad campaigns. Xochil was chosen to parade the colors of the agency across Latin America, modeling several costumes and bikinis.

Armando decided to play good and honest for the first time in his life. He approached Pedro to warn him that L.A is planning to take over the Iron & Steel company and change its ownership as his own.

L.F quickly remembered to call Carlos to the rescue. When Carlos arrived Don accused him of having taken advantage of his daughter, Amelia and stolen his money and ran away with her for several years. Carlos was very embarrassed with this new mental twist. Carlos did not forget to alert L.F that more trouble is coming, apart from Don's mental relapse. He told her that L.A has hijacked and taken over the Iron and Steel company, running it as if it was his own.

L.A suffered embarrassing set backs in his legal war against Carlos, Caesar has taken the blame, when in the witness box, he claimed that Carlos was innocent and that he was the one who gave the key of his father's office to Carlos to pick bank documents from there. He said Carlos never broke in. So, Carlos was freed. Marissa employed the best legal defense for Caesar.

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