Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 168

The time of harvest appeared so suddenly from the blues and left many observers in astonishment. First was Alfredo, L.F discovered that he had been manipulating Don against her in the name of treating Don, so that the old man can push her to him in matrimony. He denied the allegation, maintaining that he was a professional, incapable of unethical practices. L.F told him to save his denial, as she finally severed all emotional or matrimonial aspirations with him from henceforth.

Armando got fed up with Jenny's wiles and confronted her, telling her to stop persecuting his sister's live because of her obsession a mirage called love of Carlos Eduardo.

L.F called Carlos to tell him that Don has confirmed that he left his inheritance for Consuelo when Amelia was not around. He promised her that he would avoid clashes with L.A henceforth for her sake.

Don called Vanessa (thinking she was Consuelo), and apologize to her that he wanted to change his Will to include 'Amelia' (i.e L.F, he still thought L.F was Amelia). What an irony of a father at his twilight, wanting to live his fortunes to his two late daughters , and mistaken his granddaughter and step-granddaughter as her dead daughters.

Jenny's obsession with Carlos Eduardo led her almost to her grave. She made a last ditch effort that almost flung her into the grave. she went to Carlos house to beg him to give her another chance. He ignored her and wen out, she ran desperately after him holding unto him on the street. Three thugs, assigned by L.A's hatchet man, Solozarno, to assassinate Carlos appeared from the darkness. They rushed at Carlos with glistening sharp knives which they mistakenly thrust into her and stabbed her many times and ran away.

Don called L.A and told him that he wanted to change his Will to accommodate 'Amelia', meaning L.F.

Pedro confronted L.F and jealously accuse her of preferring L.A above him, in all her affairs.

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