Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snippets 169

Carlos ran after the assassins, but was overpowered. Just before they stabbed him too, the saving siren of a rushing police patrol car, sent them into panic and the ran away scared, leaving him. He rushed Jenny to the hospital to save her life through emergency operation.

L.F apologized to Pedro and re-assured him that she still adored him as a father. L.A deceived Don by pretending to write his new Will. He was happy that the Will now is in the name of two dead people. It means that Don would die without any heir, since L.F's name is not mentioned in the name. He hopes to take over after the death of Don.

The thugs reported back to their sponsor, Solozarno that they missed their target. L.A was not happy with Solozarno for the slip of his hit squad. News spread very fast, Guillermo and Carlos rushed to the hospital. Carlos explained to them how Jenny got stabbed by the assassin's knife. Guillermo still blamed Carlos for the tragedy.

When Guillermo came to talk to Jenny on her sick bed, she avoided answering his probing questions because she broke his rules of not going after Carlos again. As Carlos entered to review her progress and recovery and Guillermo and Carol wet outside to wait. Jenny from her sick bed still struggle to kiss Carlos, L.F was watching the drama from the entrance of the emergency ward.

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